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clearing up the fridge

February 25th, 2006 | Comments Off on clearing up the fridge | Posted in general

For one reason and another, I haven’t done much cooking this week just past – probably because I’ve been coding this site for hours on end! So I looked in the fridge last night, and decided to clear up all the bitsa that was in there. What did I do?

  • there was a jug of gravy left from last week’s roast pork; said gravy made with the pork juice, the vegetable water and a splash of oloroso sherry. I combined that with the last dregs of the duck soup from this week, boiled it up, and that’s the basis for this week’s soup.
  • 5 sticks of rhubarb, getting a bit weary. 100g chopped and simmered to a pulp as the start of a pig’s bum for tonight or tomorrow. The rest of it chopped and lightly simmered with sugar and fresh ginger, and will go in the freezer for a crumble at some point
  • the end of the loaf whizzed into breadcrumbs for the freezer
  • 4 chicken breasts – was completely uninspired, so stuck them in a dish and baked them with a little olive oil and seasoning. They’ll go in the freezer, and be used for lentils with chickie!, or risotto, or stir fry, or sandwiches, or whatever

That leaves eight chicken thighs, which will be turned into a batch of moroccan chicken with chick peas and rice, one of our favourites.

And at the end of that, we ate cauliflower au gratin (inspired by the bread crumbs), accompanied by potatoes roasted in goose fat. Gorgeous :)

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home made burgers

February 21st, 2006 | Comments Off on home made burgers | Posted in recipe

Finely chop a shallot, some fresh coriander and a red chili. Combine this with 1lb of Dexter mince, together with some sel gris. Shape into vaguely hamburger-shaped shapes

In a bowl, combine a can of chick peas, some chopped fresh mint, diced cucumber, finely chopped spring onions, some cold cooked potatoes from the fridge, and grated carrot. Make a dressing with walnut oil, white wine vinegar and a splash of shoyu and toss it about a bit

Get Pete to stand in front of a very hot ribbed cast iron pan and cook the burgers

Sprinkle the salad with sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, which have been dry fried, then tossed in a little tamari.

Perfect summer food.

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good grief …

February 21st, 2006 | Comments Off on good grief … | Posted in linkage

Ladies and gentlemen

I give you

The cheese wedding cake.

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dining on duck

February 21st, 2006 | Comments Off on dining on duck | Posted in general

Well, we dined on duck a couple of weeks ago, and then I threw the carcass in the freezer to deal with later.

Pulled it out again at the weekend, and boiled it up for a couple of hours; we were driven demented by the aroma! And last night I stripped the meat off it – I was astonished at how much there was clinging to the bones. There was enough to make a risotto, or a stir fry.

However, according to the Met Office, a cold week is coming. And as we work at home, today I shall add chopped veg – leeks, carrots, celery, courgettes, potatoes – and some barley to the stock, *and* the duck meat … to hell with it.

And we shall feast on duck surprise soup for the rest of the week’s lunches. Yum.

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some things are just plain *wrong*

February 21st, 2006 | Comments Off on some things are just plain *wrong* | Posted in general

Looking at Le Creuset‘s web site today, as you do, I am horrified to find that they now do their cookware in lavender.

What is the world coming to?


christmas cake eggstravanza

February 21st, 2006 | Comments Off on christmas cake eggstravanza | Posted in general

Originally posted in my LiveJournal 19 dec 2005

So … I weighed out the ground almonds, the whole nuts (whizzed briefly in the food processor), the mixed tropical fruit, the sultanas, the blueberries and cranberries, the dried apricots. I rummaged in the back of the cupboard for Cointreau and Amaretto.

I beat 225g of butter with 225g of caster sugar and 1 tsp of Madagascan vanilla essence.

I added one egg.

Then I added another egg … and *as I cracked it* I realised it was bad, but it was too late – it was on its way into the Kitchenaid. Pete heroically dealt with the revolting sugary sulphury mess, while I washed everything up.

Then I found more butter, more sugar, more vanilla essence and started again. This time I did what I usually do – but inexplicably didn’t the time before – and broke the eggs into an intermediate container, but of course they were all fine.

The cake? Well, I’m not very happy with it to be honest. I think I might go and [whisper] buy one from Waitrose …

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chilli and orange jelly

February 16th, 2006 | Comments Off on chilli and orange jelly | Posted in general

I live near Bristol, which is, for some reason, a bit of a wasteland when it comes to food shops. There’s a farmers’ market in the city on a Wednesday – hopeless for those who don’t work anywhere near it, and a couple of markets at the weekend, but they lean more towards the car boot end of things than the epicurean.

Thankfully, on the first Sunday of the month, there is the Slow Food Market up by St Nick’s market. It opens at 10 a.m., and you really do need to be there soon after that – not easy for me and Pete on a Sunday :)

Among the goodies we bore home at the February market was a little pot of home made orange and chilli jelly; we weren’t sure what we were going to do with it, but it tasted *so* good …

Yesterday, we had roast pork, and I smeared some of the jelly on before it went in the oven; it was *gorgeous*.  I did the same with a duck a couple of weeks ago, which was also delicious.


red pepper and feta pasta

February 15th, 2006 | Comments Off on red pepper and feta pasta | Posted in recipe

Quick, easy and delicious

Sauté a chopped onion and a few cloves of garlic in some good olive oil.  Add half a jar of grilled red peppers from Lidl (these are utterly gorgeous), sliced up.  When the pasta is done, drain, add some cubes of feta and the vegetable mess.

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